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Over 100 years of success with corrugated BOARD AND CORRUGATED cardboard

What Bourquin SA is today began in the 19th century with the straw husk manufacturer J. Bourquin-Rosselet. When Armand Bourquin then opened his first corrugated cardboard factory at the beginning of 20th century, this was the start to a successful business.

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Year of establishment of Bourquin SA (based in Couvet, NE)

Establishment of a branch in Zurich

Conversion into a collective company - Armand Bourquin & Cie

Initiation of the new building in Oensingen (1982)
Acquisition of Brieger Packaging AG

Closure of the factory in Zurich; the halls were used as warehouses of Brieger Verpackungen
Co-founding of the European Network for packaging solutions - Alliabox SAS

Name change to "Bourquin SA"

In a management buy-out Guido Bardelli acquired 100% of the shares of families Bourquin
Fusion of Brieger Packaging AG and BourquinSA (based in Couvet, NE)

The new administration building in Oensingen, the Collaboratorium, was purchased -in time for the 100-year anniversary

Obtaining of the new manufacturing facility in Couvet (improving the flow of goods)
Purchase of Weber Druck + Kartonage AG in Menziken (supplementing the product range, creating synergies)

Construction and completion of the high-rack warehouse in Oensingen (Brieger Verpackungen and Bourquin SA)
18.01.2008 Official opening of the high-rack warehouse in Oensingen

Change of name of Weber Druck und Kartonage in Weber Verpackungen

Brieger Verpackungen moves - in the Brieger Blue Box in Schlieren
Since end 2012, the Wallis Papival SA Trading Company is 100% owned by the Bourquin Group

Weber Packaging becomes Bourquin SA
The integration of all employees at the new workplace has taken place and the relocation of the machines from Menziken to Oensingen has been successfully completed
the "Weber Packaging" brand is dissolved and integrated into the "Bourquin SA" brand

The companies of the Bourquin Group

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