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Corrugated profiles

When viewed in cross-section, corrugated medium depicts a sine curve. This is defined by corrugation separation and corrugation height. In general, the ratio of these sizes is approximately 2:1.

Common types of corrugation and dimensions:
A - Corrugation 4.0 to 4.8 mm corrugation height
C - Corrugation 3,9 - 4,0 mm corrugation height
D - Corrugation 1,9 - 2,1 mm corrugation height
B - Corrugation 2.9 - 3.0 mm corrugation height
E - Corrugation 1,5 mm corrugations height

Twin-corrugated cardboard:
EB - Corrugation 4.2 mm
BC - Corrugation 6.6 - 7.0 mm
EE - Corrugation 3,0 mm

Open corrugation:
E - Corrugation 1,5 mm
FE - Corrugation 2,3 mm

In addition, the extremely robust three-corrugation corrugated cardboard is made in a combination of 2 or 3 corrugated profiles.

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Types of corrugated cardboard

The physical properties of the different types of corrugated cardboard are well defined. They are specified by most manufacturers in quality lists. Depending on the nature of the goods to be packed, their storage (stack height) and transport route (climate) corrugated cardboard with very specific properties is used.

Bourquin SA provides you with all common types of corrugated cardboard as sheet goods or roundels. Get consultation from our professional sales team.

Dimensions of Sheet goods
Minimum dimensions: 200 x 500 mm
Maximum dimensions: 2.465 x 5.200 mm

Dimensions of roundels
Maximum diameter: 1.550 mm

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