Sustainability / Quality and environment

«Well thought-out and compatible. For humankind and nature.»

As a rule, there are numerous conflicting goals between commerce and environmental protection. As a result, the gradual transition to a “green economy” in harmony with nature and the environment is not only desirable, but a must. And every single step in the right direction counts.

Packaging made from solid and corrugated cardboard makes ecological sense. Up to three quarters of our packaging is made from wastepaper. The remaining raw material is fibre obtained from natural sustainable forestry. Even the glue made from corn and wheat starch is biodegradable. If the cardboard is no longer used, it can be 100% recycled. In the field of printing, we always use environmentally-friendly mineral oil-free inks.

For Bourquin SA, sustainability means responsible, entrepreneurial action with the aim of profitably combining the sustainable interests of society and the environment. In doing so, Bourquin makes a contribution which goes beyond legal requirements – from the actual business activity to ecologically relevant topics, through to responsibility towards our customers and society.

«All-round commitment to an environment with less waste.»

We are not claiming to be paragons of virtue when it comes to environmental protection. What we are saying is that we are continuously working on it and constantly improving it through discipline.

In 2020, our company took a big step towards sustainability and has committed to climate protection. We recorded our CO2 emissions – primarily at the Oensingen site – and created a carbon footprint. Reducing our biggest emissions is a very specific project for the next few years.