Packaging should first and foremost protect the contents and ensure smooth logistics and safe transport/shipping. Not only is adequate product protection important – packaging is an information carrier as well as a brand ambassador and influences preferences such as consumer buying behaviour.

The functions of packaging are extremely varied. In addition, there is an infinite variety of customer requirements. Therefore, our packaging developers always strive to achieve appropriate packaging development by means of a concept tailored to the customer and their requirements. In doing so, we attach great importance to involving all divisions and departments in the concept development. Each division contributes to the cross-departmental packaging concept. From the very beginning, material costs are a decisive factor. Disposal costs, die-cutting, printing plate costs and process costs are also taken into account with foresight, without neglecting transportation stability or the visual function of the packaging at the point of sale. Logistics costs, operational handling and pallet utilisation are also included. Issues such as retail, consumers, sustainable packaging materials, packaging technologies, etc. are other examples that are considered in the evaluation criteria of our development staff. Determining a solution-based approach, evaluation and the weighting of criteria are then carried out according to established procedures and together with our customers within the framework of the value analysis.

We use CAD software solutions (computer-aided design) in packaging development (ArtiosCAD / Esko) and can visually create packaging ideas and solutions for our customers in 2D and 3D from solid and corrugated cardboard, including padding and intermediate layers, but also POS displays. This makes it possible to show the customer initial approaches for a joint assessment and evaluation.

Subsequently, based on our many years of process expertise in packaging development, we also provide advice and recommendations for packaging and sealing machines. Here, we work together with manufacturers of appropriate packaging machines who, on request, can also prepare a machine concept for possible automation of the packaging process.

Packaging prototypes / packaging samples / test series

A cutting plotter is used to create a packaging prototype of the developed packaging from sheet material (solid or corrugated cardboard). The packaging developer sends the design data to the plotter via a software interface. Cutting and creasing lines of the subsequent tool are simulated and slots, punch-outs and/or perforation lines are inserted. The plotted packaging design is then manually folded by the developer and glued if necessary. Prototype construction can be used for one-off production as well as for very small runs. In most cases, these are release samples for our customers.

Packaging tests and transport tests

International standards and testing norms are the order of the day in the packaging industry. The testing possibilities range from the packaging materials to the actual packaging made from solid and corrugated cardboard, the load carriers and the loading units. Packaging tests ensure that the packaging is resistant to static, dynamic and climatic stresses. We have our own test laboratory or we can also call on appropriate external test laboratories.

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