Online sales continue to show strong growth. On a market with such growth rates, various criteria have to be taken into account. The necessary logistics, product protection, unboxing experience, reduction in shipping volume, shipping packaging as a brand ambassador, guarantee of temperature-controlled shipping and much more. E-commerce packaging represents the shipper and the brand from the very first moment. The recipient also associates the quality of the contents with it.

In addition to product protection and advertising effectiveness, the shipping packaging also has the task of providing the customer with an unforgettable unpacking experience. Rarely is a customer so receptive to brand messages as in the emotional moment when they receive their online order. If the contents do not meet the recipient’s expectations, they can conveniently return the packaging thanks to a return shipping facility.

An eye-catching packaging style, an individual design, first-class print quality, sustainable materials and a personal greeting on the inside make a lasting impression on the recipient. That’s why we develop e-commerce shipping solutions with our customers, including for sustainable customer loyalty and focused branding.

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