Corrugated cardboard is a very natural product and is ideal for sustainable packaging. The corrugated cardboard packaging we produce is almost completely returned to the recycling cycle after use by our customers in the consumer and industrial goods sectors. This return closes the circle, as the “used” corrugated cardboard packaging serves again as raw material for paper production in the paper mills.

At Bourquin, we always try to make the necessary business processes as environmentally-friendly and sustainable as possible. That’s why we place a correspondingly high value on recyclability. Our corrugated cardboard packaging is 100% recyclable. This natural packaging product is made from renewable raw materials and consists mainly of recycled paper in combination with starch-based glue (potato starch, corn starch and wheat starch). The waste, which is unavoidable in the production of corrugated cardboard, is directly returned to the material cycle. We do this in close cooperation and collaboration with our paper suppliers.

The logistics are optimised so that the wastepaper or cardboard is collected from the customer when the raw paper is delivered, thus avoiding empty runs. Paper manufacturers produce new paper from wastepaper as well as from pulp. Substituting virgin fibre paper with products based on wastepaper and reducing the grammage of corrugated cardboard raw paper have been the most important developments in the packaging industry for some years.

In the field of printing, we always use environmentally-friendly mineral oil-free inks. Most of the papers we use for our packaging production come from sustainable forestry. As part of our sustainable recycling production, we only use certified recycled papers that have been awarded recognised environmental seals of approval.

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