Our thoughts and actions are based on taking the highest degree of responsibility in terms of a sustainable approach to the environment and on applying appreciation and partnership in our interactions with people. We are aware that each of our actions has an impact on the whole. This is why we continuously improve our business processes wherever possible. We select suppliers according to economic, ecological and social criteria. We place particular emphasis on demonstrating a commitment to sustainability. We see our customers and suppliers as partners on the pathway to packaging solutions which have as little impact as possible on the environment and society.

This is why we set a good example by committing to our Code of Conduct. Compliance with global requirements for ethical and moral behaviour is at the heart of our corporate actions. We stand for fair and sustainable interactions with our customers, suppliers and our own employees. We are committed to preserving our living space and, in connection with this, to leaving future generations an environment worth living in.


As a family business, we are used to taking responsibility. We see the training of young people as part of this responsibility. We support the training and further education of our employees so that they can deepen and utilise their professional packaging expertise. Maintaining the culture and interaction with each other is the reason many of our employees remain part of our company for decades, and as a result, several generations of a family often work for our company. There could hardly be a better recognition of our investment in people.

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