Product presentation as a secondary placement, which is used in addition to the regular shelf space, perfects the presentation of goods for our customers and leads to additional sales at the POS (point of sale). We are talking about displays made from corrugated cardboard, which are often used to present new products, special offers or top sellers.

Our approach is to design display solutions that convey simple, uncomplicated construction, easy re-fillability, stability and value/quality. From standardised to modular and individual display solutions, we produce in close dialogue with our customers and in line with their communication ideas.

The presentation of goods through “retail-ready” shelf packaging (SRP) also enables optimal presentation of goods for the intended target group. Our focus is to meet the requirements of international networks and associations (ECR Europe, GS1, etc.), which apply global standards, through functional shelf-ready packaging within the supply chain. In doing so, our retail-ready shelf-ready packaging is designed to guarantee the most important tasks: recognisability of product designation, transport protection, easy-to-open design, stability appropriate to the product, stability and stackability matched to the standardised shelf dimensions, optimal presentation of goods, simple re-fillability and uncomplicated disposal and recycling.

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