Whether by road, sea, air or rail transport, the protection of people, animals and the environment are paramount when transporting dangerous goods. We are aware of this responsibility and we develop safe dangerous goods packaging made from corrugated cardboard. In addition to the production and testing of this packaging, we attach great importance to providing advice on the safe packaging of dangerous goods.

We work together with Swiss Safety Center AG in Wallisellen for type approvals of dangerous goods packaging. This allows us not only to develop individual dangerous goods packaging, but also to test the packaging on behalf of our end customers to obtain appropriate approval for the product to be transported.

The transportation of dangerous goods does not just include the transport, but starts at the manufacturing/shipping company – i.e. our customers. Thanks to our regulatory and practical expertise in the field of dangerous goods and the possibility of carrying out an approval test for dangerous goods packaging in close cooperation with Safety Center AG, we guarantee safety and help save time and costs. Many years of practical experience enable us to provide competent advice and rapid support in implementing the current regulations.

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