Packaging costs must be considered across the entire value chain. At Bourquin, we work with impartiality in terms of packaging materials, suppliers and manufacturers. Our packaging service aims to ensure a structured documentation and presentation of the potential savings.

It is important for us to integrate the customer’s existing processes. The focus is on optimising the customer’s existing packaging range. For example, we define optimal packaging sizes or designs and evaluate the impact on storage requirements, material costs and packaging process costs.

Packaging affects many areas of a company, which can benefit from one other, and that is why we always try to involve all areas. We are aware that the customer’s purchasing department will want to negotiate a favourable price, the customer’s marketing department will use the packaging solution as a communication tool, packaging may have to ensure a smooth production process “without any problems” within the customer’s production department and in logistics, cost-optimised warehousing as well as sustainable shipping and transport must be feasible. At Bourquin, we take these needs into account from the start of the packaging development process and contribute our technical packaging expertise. Our know-how should be reflected in both the packaging construction and packaging design.

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